The Rules
For those of you which still don't understand, once again - slowly:

You'll get a planet with a villa and a big garden. There will be around 20 people and one scout on your planet. You just see the terrain around your buildings and your scout. Your goal is to explore your planet, make money and - in a far distance - discover other planets. But before this you have to establish a working civilization. You have to produce enough energy, food and all that stuff. You can't move your people but your scout. He's in your villa and you should use him to explore the planet.

Yes, I know. There are better games than this but nobody forces you to play it. Don't send me your comments. Go and tell someone else please.


Relations: Buildings need energy, power plants generate it. People pay tax, building structures and moving units need money. Provision factories generate food but they need plants and animals. You get the feeling, right?
No food, no people

Movement: Only one unit and/or building per field. People are not moveable but scouts are.
No unit, no movement.

Visibility: Every building or unit has a view range.
No building or unit, no visibility.

Report: After a specific amount of time you can request a report. It tells you how much you generated and used.
No report, no advancement.

This is taking my breath. For further questions we have set up a Mailto. But I tell you right now that it won't work. At first the job was removed and second: if you don't understand by now you should play hide and seek or use the computer as an oven - but don't send us your unqualified and unwanted e-mails.

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