...looks like you want to stay. I thought so.
But ok. Clean your feet, don't make any hectic mouse movements and do not touch the screen. Please avoid to talk to yourself for a longer period than 10 seconds and do not hit your keyboard too hard.

As you might have guessed you are on a new page. At first this means that you wasted more time already by sitting in front of a computer. I am going to give you a short overview:
To the right you'll get a villa in which you may live. It produces some energy and food - what a luxus - and a really big garden which gives you plants an animals. Besides, don't try the soup there.

All this is on a lonely planet at the end of the universe. The Intergalactic Conference gives some 2000 CyberDones to every new settler - what a waste!

If you want one of this planets you have to generate an Empire.

Now you know and don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Oh yes. A small tip from me: before you buy useless things watch your food production. And you may sell goods you don't need... You just have to know where.

Bring me back.

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