The Meaning
Hum, this is a question of philosophical range. To be or not to be, alea jacta est, a small step for me, a big one for mankind... All this milestones run through you brain if you think about it. Here on this planets it just reduces itself to a complete waste of time Sol won't make you rich, famous, or the President of the United Planets. This game is just as useless as a bill from your accountant or a ticket for a Peter Hoffmannn concert which was last week. (And don't ask me who this Peter Hoffman is)

If your ego creeps out of your soul you just can put many of these little nice and useless buildings on your absolutely unimportant planet. You may go out and nerve your friends and staff what a superman you are when you start building whole empires. Your reward is that just no one wants to go to dinner with you. And your master enemy at your work will just have a triumph in wishing you a good meal - because he will know that this will give you the rest. You will live in social isolation!

Maybe one day you'll even find out how to build a spaceship to visit one or the other of your small and boring neighbor planets. Lots of people before you tried that. But I tell you: replacement parts are difficult to get and don't come to me to ask for help if your ignition doesn't work.

Back please.

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